Glazing Specification

All Rooflight Architectural Rooflights are supplied with Safety Glass sealed units. As standard these are composed of:

  • 6mm Clear Toughened outer skin
  • 12mm Cavity
  • 6.4mm Clear Laminated Low ‘E’ inner skin.

This standard specification gives an excellent balance of Strength, Thermal Efficiency and Cost. These units are very strong, the laminated glass being utilised as a ‘holding’ element in the unlikely event of the exterior Toughened pane being broken, the Laminated pane will hold the glazing in place.


Our Rooflights are manufactured using sheet and extruded aluminium sections.

The Cill and kerb sections are constructed using 16 and 18 gauge sheet aluminium, which is formed using power guillotines and presses. The fabrication being completed by fully welding joints (where possible) using the T.I.G welding process.

Glazing Bars, Rafters, Pressure plates and Cover Caps are in extruded He9TF alloy to BS 1474. These incorporate drainage channels which vent and drain moisture externally.Neoprene and silicon gaskets are utilised ,and are self adhesive or located in holding grooves in the extrusion.

Paint Finish

All our Rooflights can be supplied in a Polyester Powder Coated finish.

Powder Coating is a cost efficient and easy way to apply an aesthetic finish, resulting in tough, uniform paint film with outstanding durability,corrosion resistance and looks.

It is a Environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based paints.

Life expectancy is 25 years.

For all colours see below:

Most of these colours are available as standard , however, some are ‘specials’ which incur an additional charge.

We can provide a ‘Dual’ colour service, whereby a different colour internally and externally can be specified.

Processes Used

  • Power Guillotine
  • Power Computer Aided Presses
  • T.I.G Welding
  • M.I.G Welding
  • Plasma Welding

Technical Tables

Insulation Table

Performance Table